Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hey guys! This blog post is a little bit more serious. I have been writing this post for a while, just havent published it because I didn't know if it was right, but I feel I needed to state all my thoughts about it, plus we all need a reminder to bring some humbleness to our hearts this holiday season. My little sister Shae was diognosed in Sept. with Wegener's granulomatosis. It is an incurable form of vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels) that affects small- and medium-sized vessels in the nose, lungs, kidneys, and other organs. Due to its end-organ damage, it is life-threatening and requires long-term immunosuppression.

I stole that speal from Wikipedia. Anyways, really rare. My little sister is on dialysis 3 times of week, taking more meds then I thought possible for someone her age, and yet staying strong! Sometimes it is hard to see Shae like this, because she can't do the things she used to do like go to school, run in track, ect. Lately is has been really impacting me as I come across old pictures of her, from not that long ago, like this summer. Here are some of my little Shaelynn before she got sick.

Since she got sick it has meant many weeks in Children's Hospital for her and her mom. When I could I tried to get down there to spend so much time with her, and let her mother get some rest. The hardest part is the internal conflict she is having within her self. There are so many fears running through her mind, that I can't even imagine, and she is battling self esteem. She never really battles with it before, but since she has gained a little weight from her meds and body fluids it seems to be really effecting her! It is so hard telling someone they are beautiful and them still not believing it. She was one of my biggest supporters when I started SSS, and now its hard teaching her what she tried to help me teach. I know that Shae and Shari are thankful for my help and love, but I wish I could do more. I am sure that alot of people feel that way. I just think that if I didn't have the homework load I did, I could help more.

wiping her nose

studying my life away haha

helping her set up her tree in her room

her last visit to the hospital

I am only a little part in this journey, as her mom and Shae LIVE IT every day. Other then talk about it, all I can say is joining the Wagners warrior fb group and show support by wearing red on Wednesdays!
WG Warriors
Nobody knows how much Shae means to me. We are sisters, and just because we arent related by blood doesn't change her title to me. She has always been a playful youthful spirit in my life, and some how looks up to me, which means so much.
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Its the most wonderful time..

OF THE YEAR!!!! Only 4 more days of school till my much needed winter break! It is almost Christmas, almost a new year, almost my birthday, and almost and adult! I couldn't be more excited! I thought this blog post would be some of my favorite winter must haves!

1. Solid Color Scarf; It seriously can go with anything, I love them, and they keep me warm. Sometimes I have a hard time doing different things with me till I found this site in Pinterest that teaches you 50 different ways to tie a scarf. Click Here for 50 Ways to Tie Scarves

2. Glitter Eye Shadow: I have been in love with this stuff lately. I think it all looks so pretty and flity, and festive at the same time. Just don't go over board. Nobody will think your cute, just tacky.
3. Pearls. They seriously go with EVERYTHING! That is the reason why they are my favorite. Think about it, no women is as classy as when she is wearing red lipstick and has a strand of pearls. In the winter they look cute on your ears, a ring, and a necklace. 4. Leggings! I seriously love my dresses, and the only way to make it possible to wear them in Colorado's winter without my legs going purple is with leggings. I only have a solid black and solid purple pair, but I wish I had ones with different patterns like these. Also, leggins and boots look cute together!

5. Lace Shirt and Dark Skinny Jeans I have been focusing mostly on accessories because that is how I make my outfits, so here is a must have that you can wear on its own. I love this together, and the reason why I say dark washed jeans is because light washed jeans scream mom jeans to me...and they are not as slimming.

One more thing, my friend Zach wanted to try making a You Tube show together, so here is our first episode out of many to come! Ciara and Zach Ep.1

Thursday, December 13, 2012


you knew how loaded I am. School..well lets not even get me started. Life? crazy. Enjoying my Holiday season? not to the extent I would want to. I want to blog, why? BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT! I am so tired every morning that I never get ready anymore. I used to LOVE doing my hair and makeup, but now I am just too tired, so I don't. Today I decided that was going to change! I feel good afterwards, and I end up enjoying it. Now I just need to WAKE UP!
Plus I got that boost after I checked out the 17 Guide To Style at the libary. I have been wanting it for a long time, and I ended up loving it! I know I take stuff too seriously, but I am tottally Indie/Girly Style. Such a hipster ;) hahaha

Anyways, I was googling for some "inspiration", and then some of...BETSEY JOHNSON! And here are some of my finds/WANTS!! And she has a key line! and we all know I LOVE keys.

Keep Calm and BLING ON!