Sunday, June 17, 2012

Check Mark!

I can proudly say that I have completed two things off my bucket list. One of the things was to meet new friends. This has happened to me in two ways. The first being the girls in my city at Girls State! We all grew so close together, and they are friends I can imagine having for awhile!
I have also made a new close friend my osmosis. She was a friend already, but I think shes one of my best friends how because of how awesome she is, and how to can laugh at my humor :) This leads me to number 2 off my bucket list; First off I have always called my right wrist my wrist with a cause. Most of the bracelets I wear on that wrist have a cause or message with them; (YUDA Band, Day of Silence Bracelet, Not Even One Meth Campaign)I bought a new bracelet from Bead For Life. The beads and jewelry are made by women in Uganda to help dig them out of poverty. ( The bracelets are so cool needless to say. My second bracelet(s) are made from recycled material, and came in a pack of 5. They became Ashley and I's friendship bracelets, and then we gave Marissa one too. Yeah were that cool. So I think this bracelet with meaning goal was accomplished!
In two weeks I have Nationals! That is really exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. I also have a camping trip this weekend with my childhood friend Anna and my family! Ohh swimming trip this Tuesday! And later this summer I have a mini road trip with Marissa for a collage tour! I seriously have had no downtime this summer, but hey if the worlds end on December 21, then I will have finished off my year in the greatest way possible. Last summer was about leaving negative friends, and finding out what I love. Now I only have 7 and 2/4 items left on my bucket list. This summer is all about making memories to last for a long time, and hanging out with the positive friends I made or kept around to only help me grow more. Since I am a busy bee, but I'm not stressed about it because I love it, I think this Keep Calm is only fitting.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Another week!

Man, I love summer. You know why? SUMMER FASHION!! Bright colors, mixed with florals! oh my dearest! Don't let my expression of my attire fool you! I have been one busy girl. First off I had game day with my friends this week. We played cranium, and it was a blast. There was a total of 3 teams with 2 people. It took alot of time to finish it, but we had so much fun. Here were the three teams; In the game we had to act, draw, sing, and even think. Yeah it was harder then it seemed! but we still managed to have a blast! Next game day we are all going to wear white, and play paint twister! I have been prepping hard core for nationals! One day I did a 6 hour training session!I am bonding with CTA and having fun even with the sweat pouring off my face! But the best thing is I leave for Girls State Sunday. My mom did it back in High School which is kinda cool! I live in a dorm for a week and do a mock legislative government! Im so pumped! Each state does this, and then they pick two girls from each state to go to Girl's Nation in DC! Now that shall be exciting!! I will keep you posted! Keep Calm and Carry On! Ciara