Friday, November 8, 2013

Newer Piece

This is one of my creations from the night. This is inspired by various posters based around the 60s. I have tried this concept before, with the aid of misc tutorials but this one I did all by myself. Hope you like it!
With Love,
Ciara Ann

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Making a list and checking it twice

My mom has already encouraged me to make a Christmas list, so here is one. I just want a little little things this year. Things that are for comfort and "adult" like, and others are just for fun. BUT if you consider buying anything off this list, consult with my mother because she deals with all that and always has something going on that I don't know about it. So here it is, my 2013 Christmas List!

Nice Thermo Cup

Nice Water Cup with a straw (with designs tho)

Automated Picture Frame

Pull Over Sweaters (not hoodies)
follow this link to the one I REALLY WANT
 ( ) 


Just Dance (3, 4, 5, 2014)

Brown Moccasins 

Wireless Remote for my Camera (to take cool self portraits and such) 

Honestly, it is only November. Maybe more important things may come into mind, but these are things I have been thinking about and if I come up with stuff my mom will be the first to know, so she is the go to! Lol
With Love,
Ciara Ann

That Colorado Sunrise

This is how my Halloween went; I got a package from my Uncle Byron that was FULL of homemade goodies. I was pretty excited about that, and I called to thank him. Somehow during the duration of this phone call we bought plane tickets for me to come home the next day. Did my mother know about this? Nope. Did anyone? Not for the most part. I couldn't hold my excitement in, so I had to tell a few friends.
Anyways, the next morning I was in a shuttle to Salt Lake City, where my plane would be to come home. I like last minute adventures and I love Colorado.

Let's just say that seeing my mother was ah so exciting. I miss my Momma, I mean the longest I had been away from her was two weeks. 2 months has been rather hard. I got to see my Step-dado (yes, I even missed him teasing me), and my Uncle Byron. My family already had plans to take my cousin out to dinner, so I saw her as well. Being home was amazing. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed. On the way home form dinner I surprised Zach at work. He knew I was coming into town, but he was expecting to see me on Saturday night. I had less than 48 hours in the great 303, so I spent every minute of it busy. After dinner I did a quick visit with my closest school buddies; Marissa and Ashley. It was so nice to see them, w/o it being via Skype.

Saturday was busy!  I knew what I wanted to do, and who I needed to see. Never take having a Target for granted because it SUCKS not having one in Rexburg. My mommy and I did our normal Target shopping routine. I got a few goodies of course. The lack of Mexican food around here is ridiculous, so I wanted some enchiladas. We had lunch at a local restaurant with Shari and Shae. They were just as surprised to see me as well.

After that I did some misc things with my mom, my dearest friend Anna stopped by, then got ready for a night on the town. I miss going out dancing, so that was something that was on my list! Plus it would be so late that it wouldn't interfere too much with family time, and I could see lots of my friends. I got to see Zach, Leandra, Maria, Flor, and Chris (Flor's significant other). Seeing all of them was a miracle in itself. It was an amazing miracle at that. We hit up Vinyl and had a great time. I miss these people so much so saying goodbye was not my favorite part, but one small act really touched me.
When I was saying goodbye to Zach he gave me a hug and kissed me on my head, and it was so comforting in a big brother way. I haven't shared this with him, but it made me feel like I was going to be okay.

Only a few hours later I was back at the airport on my way home. It was a quick trip but so nice! Seeing my mom was the greatest part by far. Seeing everyone else was just another joy in itself. I miss home everyday, but through talking it out with some family I came to a few conclusions;

  • I need to start living my life here. Getting to the great friendships I have to leave behind in Colorado took effort and time. I need to start investing that same amount of effort and time here.
  • I should take more advantage of those spiritual pick me ups here at BYUI. We have devotionals every Tuesday, and the whole student body doesn't have class so we all have the chance to go. I have only ever been once, so I made it a goal to start going. I am glad to report that I went yesterday.
  • I should stop trying to make friends that are JUST like the ones at home, because truth is no one can be like them or replace them. It will be an infinite task to find people who fill certain shoes. Instead I need to open my eyes to friends who bring new fun and adventure in my life.
These are just a few of the conclusions, and so far since I have been back my spirit has just been better. I am so grateful that my Uncle took the time and flew me out. I can't wait till Thanksgiving when I am home for a few more days, and I will get to see Konner. (I don't think Bruna will be home). Until then I am ready to make my impact on Rexburg, so keep it #thirsty. 
With Love,