Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Haloween

So it is my first day back to school. Man is it hard, but Bruna spent the night last night and made me laugh this morning. I love her so much. Her and cats make me laugh..long story. So since I couldn't wear my robot head with crutches I am just wearing black and red and hello kitty ears. Simple enough. Wish I could show more spirit. I have taken one pic so far of me and Leandra. She is a Lady Bug.
Matching red and black! lol. I was orginally supposed to be the Party Rock Robot from LMFAO music videos. Uncle Byron made it, pretty bomb.

Tonight I am going to see Mayday Parade! Excited about that! I love their song "Kids in Love". Bruna is of course escorting me to Until next time,

Keep Calm and Crutch On,

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I got my foot surgery to remove that broken bone last Thursday, and I actually did well. Minus the pain sucks and hundreds of blood vessiles popped on my face from being face down. This weekend I have just been taken a chill doing homework and sitting in Uncle Byron's bed that you can control the feet of head side to move to your comfort! Halloween is Monday and I am seeing Mayday parade! That should be interesting being on crutches and all. Bruna is going with me of course. What else is going on..... Nothing too much over then we got SNOW! I love snow so much! I thought that in honor of the snow I would post my favorite must haves for winter.

First is a snuggie! I thought it was soo dumb untill I tried one, and HOLY COW it keeps you warm!

2nd; is a good pair of uggs! legit! I have loved mine so much ever since I got them for christmas from Shari. They are real too, and if you cant get the "real" ones, get knock off. They are still great.

3rd is a nice bow to wear in your hair on all days of winter. A simple black bow dressed up any outfit no matter the temperature.

Now those chilly days where there is no snow I recommend my new guilty pleasure. Moccasins, I have a brown and purple pair and I love them!

Half way there, 5th would be a nice fancy winter jackets you can wear anywhere and look classy. I got a hounds-tooth one from the local thrift store for 6 bucks! and it had never been worn and was originally 100!! Such a great find!

The 6th must have is nice body lotion, because winter can dry out our skin. That is never fun! I personally love the Victoria Secret Pink Line, because its soft, smells good, and doesn't set off my asthma.

7th must have is a nice scarf, which I am still on the hunt for! They look so cute on outfits.

8th is a nice over sized sweater or nice cardigans to keep you warm and chic!! Love it!

9th is my favorite thing for all seasons. PEARLS!!! They look so nice and chic and amazing and ahh i love them!!! Winter is when they are best.

Last, is amazing friends and family to spend winter with and make tons of memories <3

Keep Calm and Crutch On,

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last Friday Night

"We sat on table tops, took too many shots, last friday night." That fits The party started at Marissa's for some Dancing games, Mario Kart, and TOGAS!

Then after a while, we discovered that 2 people there had cars with them. We went on a scavenger hunt with a list of things we had to take pics with. One group went to Walmart and one went to Target. Then we had to meet up at Shell. Well my group got back first..

We got that done fast so we made another list, including TP. (We Cheated, I got Rad Cousins)We had to race back to Marissas. The other group got their first.

Then we had to break the tie. We did two games of who could drink the shots of 7 Up the Fastest. They other team won first then my team won second. (when i was the one doing the shots i should add. I was beast!) Then to break the tie. 3 people from each team had to plank. Whichever team had a person last the longest one...Which was us!!!!!! OH Yeah! Over all it was SOO much fun.
Having fun with your friends is so easy, and cheap. The only thing you need is great friends like me. We know how to have fun without bad things.

Keep Calm and PARTY On!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

So I thought I could break physics...i cant. I have foot surgery on thursday which means cast and crutches. Ugh so I will ve seeing mayday parade with a broken foot...and bummernesd. Just a small update.
keep.calm and carry on,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

you guessed it. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON

so you guys all know my obsession with the posters of keep calm and carry on. Here is what the poster looks like.

Now thanks to lots of friends I have found many awesome variations of it! SO fun!

And my favorite!

HAHA just wanted to share.
Keep Calm and Carry On,


Sorry this is late :/ Homecoming was a blast though. I had such an amazing time. Here is what I looked like.

My friend Mariah from newspaper came over and got ready with me. Then Alex and Dilon came and joined us.

Alex made me an AMAZING wrist corsage of feathers and such! I loved it!

After that we headed to Gunther Tooties for some fun! Yummy.

Then we just enjoyed ourselves at the dance. I love being a junior. <3

Keep Calm and Carry On,

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Christmas Wish List

Its early I know. But i feel like its Christmas time. Must be the cold. I love it may I say!! Hello Cardigans. So homecoming was a blast(will post pictures), but now I want to give a list of the few must haves I want for Christmas.

1. Audrey Hepburn DVD Box Set

2. Chi Pink Straightener

3. I want the movie 500 Days of Summer

4. Sinful Nail Polish; I need more nail polish.

5. Channel Number 5 Perfume

6. Burlesque Movie

Keep Calm and Carry On,