Monday, July 23, 2012

Crazy Weekend

Here is how my life has been this past weekend; I came home from Girls Camp Friday Afternoon and crashed the rest of the day. Then Saturday was my mom's birthday, so I took her out for a movie and shopping. Then that night I had a crazy adventure with Silver, started out with an outdoor movie at the park, then girl talk. May I add that Girl Talk with Silver is amazing. Mostly because she is a great person in general. Then later that night we met up with my friend Colin for a late dinner and early breakfast once he got off work at 2:30 ish. That was a lot of fun. Then I had a few hours of sleep and my Step-Sisters Wedding within a few hours. Lets just say I was very tired.

Now unto my Step-Sisters wedding. I do not mention her a lot, but her name is Kendra, and she is Doug's daughter from his first marriage. She got married to a nice Scottish man, and the wedding had such a great Scottish theme. Kendra was happy, Doug was happy, and so was my family. Plus I got to see my cousins, and I always enjoy my time with them. I am very excited to see where Kendra's life takes her. It also made me think of the time when the boys and I will be getting married, and that excited me as well.

I love how this looks in Black and White; I now pronounce you Husband and Wife!

Beautiful Cerimoney! Greatest View from Flagstaff in Boulder.
What would life be without the cousins!
The first picture ever of me and both my step siblings. Love it!

Doug and Kendra Dancing!

Now I am off for one of my last few trips.. I am going to Dallas again! but this time it is for Glenn Beck's Restoring Love Rally. It is not a political thing, its all about rebuilding our government by loving each others. Pretty cool and I am excited! Should be life changing! The whole time I feel like I will be listening to the Beatles because all they sing about is love, "All You Need is Love...Love..Love..Love is all you need."

In honor of restoring Love I found the perfect Keep Calm to Leave with you.
With Love,
Ciara Ann

Summer 2012 Bucket List Update

Here is my Summer 2012 Bucket list update and modifications.
1. Finish my Extended Essay (I know boring) but I didnt relize the amount of help I would need on it, so this wouldnt get done, but my new first bucket list goal to work towards by the end of summer is; 1. Finish All Extended Essay Research and Introduction Paragraphs 
2. Get one new bracelet with meaning (DONE)
3. See 3 concerts (IN PROGRESS)
  4. Create some amazing art via photography (DONE); for art I challanged myself with this list to take at least 30 photos to help improve my way of thinking and still keep snapping photos. Here are some of my favorites. 

5. Read 2 books of my choosing (IN PROGRESS) I am almost done with the first and I plan on finishing both on my road trip back to Dallas. Explain Books more Once I am done.
 6. Try my hardest at nationals (DONE)
7. Meet some new friends  (DONE)
8. Go on a last minute day trip to the mountains 9DONE)
 9. Go hiking/bouldering two times (due to broken foot last summer I couldn't) (DONE)
10. Have A Shimmer Sparkle Shine Volunteer Sleepover!; this one had to be modified because of conflicting schedules. This one is changed to; 10. Raise money for Shimmer Sparkle Shine!

Do the Things You Want to do! Make the Most of Life! 
Ciara Ann

Girls Camp

Last minute I went to Girls Camp, and it is probably my last year but I really enjoyed myself. Bruna, Mo, and myself received some Girls Camp spirit and made matching shirts. We were all a different superhero then we put a scripture about friendship on the back. I loved the camp leaders so much this year, and once again their testimony's grew on me. The theme this year was based off of a talk by our second Councillor in the First Presidency called "Forget-Me-Nots". It was overall very beautiful! 
Me and Mo (Monique)

The three of us

Interpretive Dancing about Clouds with President Loughe

Shannon <3

My ward

Monte Vista giving us first class treatment

Ride up!

Keep Calm and Go to the Temple,

Thursday, July 5, 2012


So i did not place at nationals but I gave it my all! I had so much fun with my team and enjoyed my time with them. I learned so much on how to improve so that I can be ready for nationals next year!
Some of the TKD Girls

Part of the team cheering on everyone else!

Most the of CTA children under 18 with Master Andre

My buddy at TKD. 

Keep Calm and Kick Butt!

Past Few Weeks

So I just got back from Nationals in Dallas for TKD, but I want to catch you up on my life prior to that through PICTURES!! 
Shimmer Sparkle Shine Project had their fundraiser night at Canvas and Cocktails. It was a huge success. 

Girls Camping Weekend with my family and childhood friend Anna!

CTA Nationals Boot Camp!

Dumb Blonde Movie night at my house!

Got to see my dear Abby!!
Keep Calm and Carry On!