Thursday, May 31, 2012

I got part of my bucket list done already! I saw my favorite band He is We on Tuesday! Oh MY IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! Their music is so great and earthy! Love it! What even had me more stoked was the fact that I got to meet the band! The sad part is that Rachael, the lead singer, is really sick, so she has a replacement. Her name is Stevie Scott. She was really good too. I was right up against the stage! I got to meet them, talk to them, and they signed my poster! One of my other favorite bands was there, South Jordan. Their cd name was Keep Calm and Carry On. THAT SOLD ME RIGHT THEN AND THERE! Live they had a 50s vibe. I liked it! Here are some pics from the night! Needless to say, I loved every moment of it!!
Boys from South Jordan. Oh my oh my!
All the above is He is We
Couldn't have said it better! Ciara

Bucket List

I am here to report on the Bucket List I made for school this year and if I accomplished them or not. [x] go on a date with a new boy [kinda] letter in academics! - i got a 4.1 this last semester, and if I do good next quarter then I will letter in it. [x] win a place in a speech and debate tournament [x]Get a special opportunity for Summer 2012 - Girls State! [x] Learn what collages I want to go to for sure 6. Get at least a high B in science - didnt happen... 7. Get my permit -still nope.time to get on that 8. Earn my honor bee for church -just didn't [x] meet a new life long friend-met to amazing girls who have changed my life forever. We are all good for each other. See pictures below. 10. get my stake presidents seminary award. - nope..i cant memorize scriptures so Number 9; Flor and Abby became amazing friends to me this year! Life without them....just seems unreal. I love you guys!
I didn't accomplish it all because of life, but hey it happens..but now I introduce my Summer Bucket List of 2012! 1. Finish my Extended Essay (I know boring) 2. Get one new bracelet with meaning 3. See 3 concerts 4. Create some amazing art via photography 5. Read 2 books of my choosing 6. Try my hardest at nationals 7. Meet some new friends 8. Go on a last minute day trip to the mountains 9. Go hiking/bouldering two times (due to broken foot last summer I couldn't) 10. Have A Shimmer Sparkle Shine Volunteer Sleepover! Yup Thats It!!! Keep Calm and Carry On! Ciara

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Memories

Junior Year was so much fun, put I had to narrow down to my favorite top 10! 1. All the car rides and taco bell lunch madness with Marissa and Leandra!
2. Study sessions and math class with Flor and Abby.
3. First Shimmer Sparkle Shine Project Event!
4. Toga Party Night at Marissa's
6. Both School Prom and Mormon Prom; Both were fun, and I spent both with amazing people!
7. School Spirit Day during Prom Spirit Week!
8. Mustache Day during Homecoming Spirit Week.
9. Day without Hate/ Day of Silence
10. Winning Gold for Board Breaking at State; Nationals Here I come!
I would like to encourage you to think of your favorite memories and share them! Its fun too look back on them! Keep Calm and Take a Picture! Ciara

It is officially summer..

It is officially summer..and i am officially SENIOR STATUS! My last week of being a junior was stressful with some amazing fun moments. Lunch breaks were amazing, along with after school study sessions with leandra, abby, and flor! Speaking of which; they have become my best friends that I am so fortunate to have grown close with. They loved me for me, and vice versa. We always have each others back. Lunch breaks with packed cars, and taco bells were priceless.
How could I forget pie for breakfast at Village Inn during first hour on finals since we had the hour off. It was the crew who went, plus Ice. We had lots of fun, and I saw people from my childhood, and that only made it better.
Then on Friday, as soon as that bell rang, Ashley, Leandra, Marissa, and I were out of the school for a fun evening at Elitches. It was alot of fun, because we all got season passes, so many fun times ahead this summer! Marissa and Leandra started out as apart of the freshman 5, and were ending the senior 3. Ashley is new to the group, but she is really awesome, and laughs at what I say, so I must like!
Then Saturday was the second event of Shimmer Sparkle Shine at my Taekwondo. There was about 15 girls, and it was so much fun. My friend has all the photos for this, but once I get them I will post them. Shimmer Sparkle Shine Project is blasting off like a firework! and more importently; one more year left!
Keep Calm and Finish IB! Ciara