Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bye Readers

I leave tomorrow morning for vacation. Pretty exciting. I plan on sleeping lots in the car <3. I got my IPOD ready, and my bags packed. I didn't know what to blog, so I am blogging pictures from last year's family vacation. Last year we went to the Royal Gorge Area. Exciting. I really enjoyed it. Here are some pictures.
We took a Twilight train ride to see the Royal Gorge. Pretty Awesome. This is us on the train;

Me in the hotel motel thing.
This was the coolest part it is called Bishop's castle. A guy built this ALL and we can climb in it and everything. So amazing.
Cant wait to post pictures of this vacation! Well I say a new quote I love so this is my last words before I sign off for the week.
Keep Calm and Crutch On,

Saturday, July 30, 2011


So excited to get away..minus the no operating leg thing. I got the new We The Kings CD; Sunshine State of Mind. That is exciting. Getting my IPOD Ready for the car trip. Got a book, and hopefully I get my last school book before I leave. Packing is hard with only one Today I wanted to talk about back to school stuff. It is fun to get ready, but make sure you use a school organization system that fits you. It has taken me 11 years of school to finally learn this. lol. I even got my own planner, because it actually helps me. Make Your Own Binder covers. I do that and I love it. Just make it you! I got a new school backpack. My aunt got it for me!
awesome!!! So yeah, maybe ill post something later. Writers Block
Keep Calm and Crutch On,

Friday, July 29, 2011

Better Timing

My Keep Calm and Carry On Quote Book Came in the mail. It came at a great time, because my spirit is down due to the broken painful leg. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite quotes from the book.

"It's A Recession When Your Neighbor Loses His Job; It's A Depression When You Lose Yours." - Harry S Truman

"Behind Every Great Fortune There Is A Crime" - Honore Balzac

"Success Is The Ability To Go From One Failure To Another With No Loss of Enthusiasm." -Winston Churchill

"Always Be Kind, For Everyone Is Fighting A Hard Battle." -Plato

"You Can Make More Friends In Two Months By Becoming Interested In Other People Than You Can In Two Years Trying To Get People Interested In You." - Dale Carnegie

"Don't Judge Each Day By The Harvest You Reap, But By The Seeds You Plant." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"It Ain't No Use Putting Up Your Umbrella Until It Rains." - Alice Rice

Love these quotes. They are smart, true, and they sarcastic. I got a Keep Calm and Smile On Notebook!!! (Thanks Alex)

Getting excited for South Dakota with my family. Weird having to be pushed in a wheelchair but hey. God Shall Be With Me.

Keep Calm and Crutch On,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bummer To My Summer (Hey That Rymes)

So work...I tripped...and i was just walking. long story short went to workers comp. dr. and I broke some weird bone on the back of my foot/ankle. So I have a cast, sugery the 11th, then more cast, then physical therpy! Yay!! cant wait. Not. I am so bummed because that means no Taekwondo. It makes me want to cry. Just a damper to my summer. So sorry not so posative.
Keep Calm and Crutch On.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Day

So Shari and I hung out today, did some errands and I got my much needed pedicure. I got Hello Kitty on my toes!! ANNDDD!!!! I found the funniest thing ever at Walgreens. It is underwear with butt pads, couldn't resist to try them on over my shorts. Classic.
And in better news, I found my IPOD. Well, I didn't find it. You see on FOURTH OF JULY my lovely stepfather took it, and has had it ever since. Sometimes I just want to kill him.....but he will be 50 on Sunday so I must go easy on him because he might brake. Gettting excited for South Dakota with the family. I also have been told my many people that they read my blog to thanks guys!! Not much today. Sorry
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Concert.. Yup

I have a weakness. I like to buy concert tickets. Today I bought concert tickets for We The Kings from my cell phone. Good deal. I love them. Here is my two favorite songs by them;

That is Check Yes Juliet, and this next one is The Story of Your Life

Now performing with them is FOUR other bands who I thought I didn't know. I actually know two of them!! One is Hot Chelle Rea. I love their song Tonight Tonight.
The other band is a The Summer Set who sings Chlesea! Love em!

Yup. Concert should rock. But the sad news is I can't find my ipod for the life of me and I want to cry. It could be packed but idk. I miss it, and I NEED it. But i keep telling myself; Keep Calm and Carry On.
So everyone.
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Merry Christmas in July

Well it is officially 6 months till Christmas and as the saying goes, lets have christmas in july. My family does just that with a little gift exchange and some food, christmas music, a tree even!! My whole family was there, but my mom forgot to invite my soul sister so he was a surprise!
That is Konner. lol He is great. He got a hair feather today!! lol
Now we did the secret Santa thing, and I got my first...KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON sign!!!!!!!!!!!! Shae had me, and I loved it!
Now, Shae is my mom's friend's daughter but she is like a sister to me and she has grown on me ALOT this past year. Words can't describe how much I love her!!
It been a good day. OHH!! and my Keep Calm and Carry On bag came in the mail!!
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Things I want To Make

Since my room is officially done being painted, I can start adding furniture to make it complete!! Thank to my mom and Bruna for the help painting. Here is myself painting;
Since I am in the crafting mode I have been looking at blogs. I found one I like that is all about hair pieces mostly, and it is stuff I know I can actually do. And I am so making all of these!! The blog is Vintage Wanna Be

These are the things I want to make, underneath will be the link.

First is a headband inspired by one of my favorite childhood movies Anastasia!


Next is a headband inspired by Looking Through the Looking Glass. It is made out of sequins.

This is a really cool bird nest ring.


Next is another cute headband made from fabric.

It is all such cute stuff I am so going to make.
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Be Who You Are

I could never stress the importance of being who you are. I just watched the ABC Family Movie Cyber Bully and it really made me think. We all say such mean things online these days, and it hurts. I have learned this from both sides. I have been called names, then I think in defense to say things back, but in reality your being a bully too. Not cool. Sometimes the bullies can be the ones closest to us. Sometimes they mean to, sometimes not. I learned this the hard way. I had a a person who I thought was my best friend, but in all reality not really. I still love this person because of the memories, but nothing could be the same again. Sometimes it is hard to make these choices, but its better for yourself. Be who you want to be. Not what people at school want.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lots of Thoughts

First off I would like to say happy birthday to my mother. She is 50 today, just kidding. She is 42. I would like to take a moment to talk about how amazing she is. She is the best mom ever, I am not an easy child to raise and she has done it. We have one of those rare mom and daughter relationships where we can talk about anything! I love her so much. Happy Birthday Mom!
Then yesterday into today I hung out with Bruna, we saw a U2 cover band, and then she helped me paint my room. It was awesome. We also took my new favorite picture of me and her.
Im getting excited about my Shimmer Sparkle Shine project to build girl's confidence, and my first girl I am working with is on Saturday. I am so excited to spend time with younger girls. I only have one more day off of work untill vacation. That is going to be a long week before I go. WOZERS!! Heat, Sun, ahh. But I love my job. The kids getting exciting over nothing is awesome. If you love TV shows with drama watch Degrassi on Teen Nick. It is so good and for the next 7 weeks they are having a new episode every Monday - Thursday. So awesome. Going to GO See Cars 2 with the family.
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Childhood Flashbacks

First off I started painting today, YAY!!!!
Next off, i went back to my childhood roots. I went and played at , , and Let me start off by saying games were way better in my day, modern society has gone down
But really i was exploring the Pillow Pet Site. We all know the catcey commecial. Its a pillow, its a pet. Its a PILLOW PET. Yeah well I got a unicorn one some time ago.
After exploring the site, I found some other cute creatures that I must yes im a loser, but they are soo

They even had one for my hometown baseball team. I am not a rockies fan but it is soo cute!!
Now, after my next pay check I am going to buy this because he is my favorite. Let me introduce him to the family.... BILLY THE BUFFALO!!! So precious.
Now if I could find a disney marie pillow pet life would be grand. Not don't forget, being a child can be fun sometimes.
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Monday, July 18, 2011


I was thinking about today and a lot of things are progressing. My room is starting to get painted, I am really far in my Summer Homework, and I am putting myself out there with a new boy. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Today for my blog I am talking about fun cheep things to do for dates.
1. Do A Photo Scavenger Hunt in a Mall
2. Play on the Playground
3. Rent A Pedal Boat and Have A Picnic on the Lake
4. Walk around Downtown at Night
5. Take Your Dogs For A Walk
6. Play Each Others Favorite Game
7. Make A Music Video
8. Make A Friendship Bracelet for Each Other
9. Simply Have A Movie Night
10. Buy A Cheap Craft from the Dollar Store to Make Together

Keep Calm and Carry On,

Sunday, July 17, 2011


There is this new blog I came across today called Free Pretty Thing For You, and I love it. It has tons of vintage clip art, and its so cute. Check it out! Here is some of my favorite clip art I saved.

Here is the link to the blog;

Keep Calm and Carry On,

Wedding Dresses

I don't know what has me thinking about weddings!! I have been looking at mormon wedding sites, and other ones and I came to the conclusion of my dream dress. Here are some envisions of tons of dresses put into one idea of what I want.
So this dress is the kind of top I want. It has to cover my shoulders to fit my standards.
I have always wanted a princess dress, so I want it really puffy with lots of tool to make it poofy. I want a bottom like this on my dress.
Then I want my dress to go just below my knees. Pretty cool. I like it a lot. Just a random
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Summer Update

Hey everyone. I hope your summer is going great. This weekend I have been at youth conference for church, and I have had a blast. I got to spend time with old friends, and meet some awesome new people too. I met this cute boy, and I got his number!!! Hoping that goes well. Anyways I wanted to give you an update on my summer to do bucket list. Number 2 on my list was to meet a new friend. I have done that, I met tons of new people at Girls Camp and other church events. Here is a picture of the amazing girls who became my new friends. They are amazing. They are some of the least judgmental people ever, and so friendly and funny. I hope that know I love them.
Number 6 was to make others happy about who they are. I feel like I have done that by sharing my current speech and debate speech, along with spreading awareness on my Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine project. I have made people feel better, so I can cross that off, but I still want to do more with it. But I only have 8 things left :)

My bed is now gone, so Ill have a new room sonner then later. <3
Got a party at Kurtis's house on Wednesday. Fun Times. Yup. Nothing to important to say.
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Friday, July 15, 2011

Youth Confrence

Went to youth conference today. Still two more days to go. I am having fun with all my friends I have at church, and I am slowly trying to get out of my comfort bubble. I want to have fun for my age, and be the person I am told I am. I met a cute boy, hope I get a date or two. Or a new friend. Whatever works for me. :) This is going to be short because its late, and conference is early and is long. I will keep you all posted. And oohhh here is my new favorite song!!
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good Day

Today was a good day. I hung out with Marissa and watched a really funny movie. Then Bruna came over and went went to starbucks, came home and made crafts!! We always laugh together since we are all so different, but that is what makes it fun. I also made some awesome hair stuff MYSELF!!!!

Good day, and a great taekwondo workout. Work tomorrow.. yay... Anyways, love you all. Short post today.
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine

Today's blog post is a rough draft of my original oratory speech for the 2011-2012 Debate and Speech Year. It may change as competing comes along, but here is where its at right now. Give me feedback!
Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine:
Look at me, my eyebrows are too thick, my lips are too small, and don't even get me started about my weight. But you know what? I am not the only one who feels like this. According to the Real Pressure National Study, 62% of all girls feel insecure about them self, and lack self confidence. This is only a problem that needs our attention now, as opposed to later. Most people are under the impression that the lack of self confidence is a problem presented in teens, but studies show that self esteem issues start at a much younger age. At age 9, 50% of girls claim they are on a diet, and 80% of girls ages 12-13 claim to be on a diet as well. According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, one third of girls between 9 and 12 consider themselves overweight. If girls are training themselves at such a young age to think less of them self, then how is society ever going to grow as a whole to feel more confident. In order to start fixing this problem we need to know what self confidence exactly is. There is 7 Traits of Self Esteem created by the National Association of Self Esteem that shows signs of high confidence. The first trait is that the individual is friendly. This can refer to the low self esteem girls we have all faced in middle school, or even high school. The so called "popular" girls often pick on others in order to feel better about them self. May sound cliche but it is true. The second trait is having lots of energy. Most people lacking self esteem are often lethargic,and not willing to do anything. Now the third trait of self esteem is to smile often, pretty self explanatory. Trait number four is that high confidence individuals are less likely to feel "under the weather", they present a natural healthy glow in them self. When girls get together on a Friday night for a sleepover with their best friends forever they often body bash together.
"I am so fat you guys."
"No your not, you are so pretty."
"Stop lying to me, you have to say that. Your my best friend."
"No i don't, and besides. Look at me, I am much fatter then you."
"No your not.." And this could go on for hours, which leads me to High Self Esteem Trait number 5. Confident girls often talk good about themselves. Now for years our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents have always said you are who you hang out with, and it is very true. Trait number six is that confident people attract other confident and positive people. Trait number seven is simple. Confident people can be independent and take risk. They don't need others to be happy. Since we know what self confidence is, now we can start fixing the problem and build high self esteem of girls everywhere. Wait, there is a step we must do before we do that. We need to build confidence in ourselves. I have a saying I have always used since I was in middle school that helps me when I am feeling down. It is the 3 Ss. Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine. Your probably wondering how can this help me feel better? Its easy. First, Shimmer. Dress to how you want to feel. If you dress your best then you feel your best, and you just shimmer inside and out. Second is Sparkle. Be nice to others, and always try to be positive. If you do this then you will sparkle to others. If you shimmer and sparkle, then the third S will happen naturally. SHINE!! Let yourself shine to the world, and everyone will love who you are. Now, since we know our 3 S trick, we can help build confidence in others. The key is to start young and simple. Tell younger girls how pretty they are, and let them be themselves around you, it makes them grow up more confident in the long run. When you talk down to yourself in the presence of younger girls you set that standard that it is okay to do that to yourself. Therefore the next time your about to body bash in front of younger girls, do the old saying, ZIP your lips. All these are great ways to build confidence in individuals, but there is one step that can be a tremendous help to solving this problem. It may seem extremely easy to you, or extremely hard but is is something we all do. (Points around room) You do it, and you, and you, and myself. Gossip. Simply don't gossip about other girls. We all do it, and we can never put a permanent stop to it since were human, but we can decrease the amount of gossip were partake in. Remember whatever you say eventually gets back to the person, and it only makes me feel worse about who they are. We have all been there and it does not feel very good. So like the old wise tale; Think before you speak. So next time you are feeling down put on your cutest outfit, stand in front of the mirror, smile, and embrace who you are. My mom's heroic friend Shari, who recently went through chemo therapy for Ovarian Cancer once told me something that has always stuck since, god put you into your body for a reason. Embrace it, and as I often say, SHIMMER, SPARKLE, SHINE!!

That is it guys. I love my speech!! Give me feedback. I think I will do great this season!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The People In My Life..

Today was a good day, I got out of work early, and I got paint for my room today. I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about today, so I thought I would blog about the friends who mean alot to me, because I just feel like sharing the love with my friends.
First is Bruna. She has been so amazing to me forever now, and I love her. We have so many great memories, and jokes. She is so pretty and nothing could compare to her ever. I love her and I wouldnt trade her for anything.

Next is Anna. I have known her since I was like 3. She lived next door to my grandpa. She has always taught me so much since she is older. I think the biggest lesson is she has taught me that anything I want to do can happen. Sounds corny but is true.

Next is newer closer friend. He is important to me, and I know I can go to him for anything. It is Kurtis. He always makes me laugh and make me remember to appreciate the important things.

My next friend, is more of a soul sister then a friend. He, yes HE not she, is so much like me. We have grown apart alot, but he is very important to me. He has the greatest timeless personality that I love to be around. Konner.

This person is someone who has the greatest personality ever, Marissa. She always makes me laugh, and I don't think there is ever a dull moment with her. I want her to know how much I love

I have so many other great friends in my life too, but these are the ones who leave permanent footprint in my heart. Please don't be offended if your not here. These aren't my best friends, cus I don't believe in that anymore. All friends are the best. I love everyone, and thanks for being so great.
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today I am inspired to post my favorite youtube clips that always make me laugh, some is nerd humor, some is not. But all so funny. My mother and I love watching Modern Family clips and the first one I am going to show you makes me and my mom crack up so hard every time because it reminds us of my
My second favorite also comes from Modern Family. It is so funny, and stereotypical. LOVE IT.

Now these are more of nerd humor but I love it. These are EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!!
The first is Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking. SO FUNNY!!

This is wrong but so funny. So Funny.

Now this is it for today. So Funny.
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back To School Must Haves

So, today as a busy day. I worked, then I came home of course. My uncle came over, we scrubbed all my walls and baseboards, and everything. Room is now ready to paint. NO PUMPED!!! Anyways, I got my 17 Mag issue about going to back to school. I like that issue, but it bums me out because it makes me feel like summer is almost Anyways, I made a list of things I want to buy before school starts for my wardrobe. So I thought I would share, some of it is inspired by 17 Mag, some are just things I thought of.
1. This is a simple boring want, but I want two new pairs of skinny jeans. If you must have a picture here it is;
2. My second want is a new cameo ring. I am so into rings, I want a cameo one so bad. They are so pretty and vintage. I might get one at Micheal's from the "Embrace Ultra Chic Style". This is the one I want, and it is fairly priced. This one is blue in the background, but the one at my store is black in the background just as an fyi.
3. The next thing I want actually came from 17 Mag. I want a ruffled oxford top. I think it will had to my girl, bohemian, sophisticated look. So Cute.
4. This also came from 17 Mag, but I have been wanting one for a while. I want a bright sweater for when its colder to be kinda baggy over my jeans. This is kinda like what I am looking for;

5. My last have is a new pair of shoes for winter time. I still have my AMAZING Ugs, but I want something else, but I don't know what I have in mind yet. Just something cute.
This is a side note, but I still want to wear skirts in the winter, so I am hoping to get tights and leggings so I can wear skirts all year long. :)
Basically, this is the look I want, I randomly found this on Google images. SO CUTE!! I would love to dress this cute.

Only good thing about new school year is the new clothes, so I thought I should share that. Start making your summer shopping list. It is great to have that list of what you want, so you don't waste your money else where. Great times ahead.
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Thursday, July 7, 2011

American Teen

I just watched this amazing documentary titled American Teen. It follows the lived of different kinds of people; the rebel, the nerd, the mean girl, the jock, ect. It was like a real life Degrassi. I enjoyed it, but it made me appreciate me life style that I live. But this movie also made me scared. I seriously had such an awful sophomore year that summer seams like heaven. I don't want to face reality again in the fall. It isn't so much the homework, its the things that go with High School. But one thing I have learned is what I want, and that I will influence my own choices. American Teen made me realize that I am growing up, and I want to do so with minimal regrets. I think that is why I liked Hannah the best in American Teen. I would get it on netflix if I was you.

Dream Wedding.

I have no idea why, but lately I have been thinking about when I get married. I like make choices when I'm young that I stick to no matter what. It makes me excited for what is to come. I don't plan on getting married for a while, but there are some new cute wedding trends I want to do.
The first thing is a brooch bouquet. It is where the whole bouquet is made out of fancy brooches the bride receives during her bridal shower, or one she buys. They are so pretty, and I so want one when I get married.
Now my dream engagement ring. I want something so original and so me. Pearls are my favorite as I have said before. I want a pink pearl, with diamonds around it, on a gold band. It would be so pretty, and so me. Something like this, but with diamonds around the pearl.
These are just quick things that came to my mind. I hope when I get married in the temple someday that I can have this dream wedding.


Sometimes things in life don't always worked as planned. It can be a big bummer, but I think it is happening for a reason. I don't know why now, but I will later. It is just something I wanted to say, lol. Anyways, work was fun today. Kurtis and I had a good time, and we took a really cute picture.
Im spending most of my summer with him and I am enjoying it. We have gotten so close and he is like turning into my guy bff. No joke. AND!!! He promised me that he would get me a new bracelet for the summer so I can cross it off my bucket Friends can be great, I miss my school friends but I love spending time with my other friends. I decided on my topic for my speech for speech and debate. I didn't want it so political, more philosophical. Therefore I decided to do my speech on self confidence, im so excited to make my speech. I feel like it is my life goal to help others in this way.
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I found this really new cool website from 17 Mag. It is called Polyvore, and it is like so what I like doing. It helps you make cool fashion collages. So cool. I tried a quick trial one, and I really like what I made. Here it is;
Pink Pearl

Bubble dress
£6,775 -

Pink heels
$50 -

Vivienne Westwood long shoulder bag
$344 -

Zara Home - Cushions
£3.50 -

It has all kinds of options, and I cant wait till I have more time to really mess around with it, and make some cool stuff.