Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas was of course amazing along with Christmas eve. I spent Christmas Eve day with the Neills and Christmas Eve Night with the Nemnichs.Both were fun. With Grandpa Nemnich being in hospice we brought Christmas to him at the Nursing Home. The cousins and I had much fun together from Catchphrase to loads of laughter. Love those kids. And who could forget the cutest cousins! The babys Jacob and Landan.

Christmas day was nice and relaxed. We went to church where I gave a talk, then we came home for household presents and Shae and Shari and Hector joined us later that day for a relaxed Christmas. Later on in the night we drove around to look at Christmas Lights.

Keep Calm and be Jolly

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Festive Day

Well the advent thing with Shae has been SO fun, and she has got me some great things! Everything is so me, but I will show you pictures of 3 other things she gave me. The first is a sister plaque that made me feel old and want to cry. LOL

Then another day she gave me a cool Eiffel Tower picture, then a another picture to match that says Paris like subway art. I hung them above me book case (which is also new), and might I say it fits and looks PERFECT THERE!

Mom found one of the coolest thrift store finds EVER! She found a 5 dollar Audrey Hepburn sign at the thrift store, and it is amazing. It isnt the typical Breakfest at Tiffany s picture, and the colors match my room from the white and black to the light pink pearl earnings and lips! LOVE IT!!

Tonight is Northglenn Youth Commission Holiday party. We will be snacking and doing a White Elephant Exchange. I made some pretty cupcakes all by myself with my cupcake apron and cupcake pot holder, and I almost burnt down the house all by myself. :P

I hope you are enjoying the Holidays with your family with Christmas so close! Love you all.
Keep Calm and Be Merry,


School finished for the semester, which makes me feel old because I only have 3 semesters left of school. Did some gifts exchanges that is always fun and special. Then Leandra, Meredith, Kelsey, and I headed to a BrokeNCYDE concert which was AMAZING! Their music quality is so so. But the vibe and the background music was AMAZING!! Did i mention how how the singers are? And did I say it was AMAZING!! Here are some pics of us enjoying ourselves.

Then just some random pictures from the night. Direcectly below is the cutest guy ever who I touched like 15603 times.

Keep Calm and Rock On,

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tis the Season

Last day of semester tomorrow; but I have the hardest finals tomorrow...Spanish, Lit, and Science.
BUTTT on a plus side guess who got their letter?! THIS GIRL! I lettered in Speech and Debate and I can't wait for my jacket now!
Anywho, I love holiday parties at school. The one for newspaper was fun to hang out, open gifts, and eat junk food.

Secret Santa is always fun, Juliette was who I had. She made her list specific; car fresheners. I got her some to dangle, and some to attach to the vents along with a teddy pair and 16 fun sized twix all wrapped individually. She loved it.

My secret Santa was Sara, and she did so well. She got me some earrings that are feathered, and a feather hair piece!

And of course everyone else had fun receiving their gifts too!

Tomorrow, I exchange gifts with most of my friends at school! Konner and I exchanged today and I got him a set of personalized bracelets that say Soul Sisters and he got me an adorable Hello Kitty shirt of Hello Kitty in nerd glasses with a camera! Tomorrow after is the IP party with ANOTHER secret Santa, then a concert with Leandra and Meredith to BrokenCYDE. OHH and then I leave early Friday morning for an over debate tournament, but this time it is overnight. Instead of there just being 20-30 schools, there is going to be over 100! If I place then I know I am good. Just remember; Shimmer, Sparke, Shine!

Keep Calm and Be Merry,

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Its the most wonderful time of the year! I truly is. I love the friendly people, and giving gifts, along with wrapping them. This year I am wrapping all mine in OWL Paper. SO me.

This year I am also doing an advent swap with Shae, as mom does it with Shari. I give one gift to Shaelyn everyday til Christmas, and she does the same for me. Along with that you give them a little something everyday with it like a quote or what not.

For Shae I asked he fun questions everyday from this Kids Christmas book that lets them use their imagination. I am also very proud of my wrapping!

Shae was creative because she has me open up something she likes about me everyday with my present in honor of my work for the Shimmer Sparkle Shine Project! So sweet! She has also gotten me some sweet gifts, for being 9 she knows me so well! It makes me happy to see!! I have gotten some t shirts, and awesome journal, Hello Kitty stuff! My favorite being what I got today. I got an OWL Tea Set. (Mormon Style) It is so cool. One part stores your tea, while the the the top half of the owl is a tea pot, and the bottom is the cup! LOVE IT!

I love this time of the year, but one of the biggest bummers is how finals gets in the way. I have been working my butt off while still trying to do the things I enjoy. It can be hard. Anyways, going to another concert of Brokencyde! Excited for that. YAY!!!
Keep Calm And Carry On,