Saturday, November 17, 2012


This past week the IB art kids took a trip to the Denver Art Museum. It was seriously so much fun! For some reason the buses were being used all day for a big event, so they approved for us to take the RTD, sounds sketchy for a school to let us do that, but hey its all good. We started off by getting some Starbucks once we got downtown, because you know we gotta fit into the art critique hipster look ;)
Now..what is the 'art critique hipster look'? Well it was me! hahahaha well i'm not kidding! Hipsters are often stylish, and know for some stereotypical fads, and I happen to love these fads. They thing is they wear all these fads at once...hahahaa. they LOVE barrettes! They love scarves...they love leggings..they love lace...hahhahaha. I'm not saying this is 100% true, but its the stereotype. OH! how could I forget the mustaches and ray band glasses. Only hot hipster guys have 'staches....kidding on the hot part. I brough fake mustaches and hipster glasses for us to carry around, which just made it even greater! Needless to say we had a fun time with the accessories! ;)

But through all of the goofiness, it was a lot of fun as a class to bond. The senior IB art students have created this bond that is too hard to describe in words. IDK if that is the way to put it, but its true. On the larger scale IB art as a whole has made some great bonds, and the art museum only helped that strengthen.

Senior IB Art Class of 2013 ^^

Seeing the Van Gough exhibit was pretty cool, because I got to see some of the pieces I have always seen or heard about. Starry night and such wasn't there but it was still pretty awesome! It is weird to think that he only started painting for 10 years prior to his death, and he could produce the amount and quality of work he did.
For some reason I just feel like the art world is for me. I have improved SO MUCH, like seriously I couldn't even draw before. Painting seemed monochromatic w/ no evidence of blending or shading. Now its completely opposite. That isn't even my medium and I see improvement. Photography has my heart of course! Honestly it is something about being behind the lens that makes me happy. I love how an object can capture some of the greatest moments that not even some memories can capture.
Sometimes I am my worst critic, and I doubt my level of skill. Family says I'm good, and friends alike, but we ALL think that our family and friends are obligated to do so. Everyone can take picture is my thing, and I don't know yet what seperates me from every other teenager girl with an istagram ( <-- hahaha) account, but maybe one day I'll learn.

Man I am typing a lot in this blog, but art is something I feel for. I love the atmosphere art evokes, and the way it makes me feel. It makes me want to go to Art school next year. I know that isn't realistic because it does cost a lot of money and that career is a gamble, but its something I think I want to minor it. It calms me so much, and why not do what makes me happy?! I totally see myself writing my children's book series with my OWN illustrations. That would be so cool, but is it just a fantasy, or am I even good enough to do that in my life. I can always have it be a hobby, but I want it as a lifestyle. Plus the way I look at it is God gave us divine gifts, and it becomes our responsibilty to share them with others. Man, this gives me so much to think about! As my spanish teacher would say, "yi...yi...yi"

This couldn't seem more fitting so;


Sunday, November 11, 2012


It is my favorite time of the year again! HOLIDAY CHEER! I love it, and yesterday was my kick off for it. I spent a much needed day with my mom. I knew it was going to be a good day when Kosi started playing Christmas music and when the light rain turned into snow! My mom and I suited up, and headed for much needed massages, and then a little shopping in Littleton. All of our favorite antique stores have their Christmas things up to purchase! Nothing better then looking at vintage Santa with a cup of Starbucks in one hand.

I did get a lot accomplished from finalizing Shae's advent to everyone else Christmas gifts. YAY! but on that note....lets give people a reference on what is on my wish list this holiday season.

1. This won't happen but a new camera! I may have to wait a while for this, but one day I will get it. I want a nice camera that I can use to take my photography to the next level.

2. I want some kind of portfolio to store my art in, but I also want someone to buy my membership to be apart of the Traveling Sketchbook. It is where they send you one sketch book, you fill it out, send it back, and it gets added to a library of other artist in the project so there is always documentation on art.
3. I want a pair of Toms, and I am being legit. I want some really bad!!!!! Of course sparkly because they will Shimmer Sparkle and Shine!
4. Some books; either What Would Audrey Do? or the Post Secret Books
5. Last but not least! Money for my Senior Trip to Florida this summer! 
Well that is all folks! I am about to go hang with my little sister and mother from another mother. FULL OF MORE CHRISTMAS CHEER!!!! 
Ciara Ann


Spending my last Halloween in high school was a bitter sweet occasion. It is weird to think that it is another way that I will have to grow up for next year, but then I started thinking about it. Halloween is the ONE day a year where you can be something different, for some that is a slut (marissa hahaha) and for others a kid again. Just because I won't be in High School doesn't mean I still can't have innocent fun, I may not be able to go trick or treating but they will be many other things to do!

A highlight of my Halloween was my costume, I was a mild sauce from Taco Bell. Since Taco Bell is our restaurant of choice (hahaha) we couldn't think of a better costume. As dorky as this sounds I have always wanted to do group costumes, but I never had the right people to do it with. Another reason why I love my friends.