Saturday, April 28, 2012

I like to make art, and I am a mormon!

So i am going to use this as a missionary experience in a way to describe my art, and its meaning to me. In IB Art you have a focus, and all your pieces are around that. After trial and error, and much thought I chose the church. In case you don't know, I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a.k.a. a mormon. Here are 5 out of my 7 pieces I have done for this year. I want to explain them here in depth for better understanding. 1. This peice was used with a combination of photoshop, and family photos. The whole concept is about living in the Celestial Kingdom if we live the right away and are sealed to our family. After death we will be reunited with our spouse, and have our own planet with our family. This piece focuses on that.
2. This piece is about baptism for the dead. In the temple, we can be baptized by proxy for relatives who have passed away and did not get a chance to join the gospel. We believe that after we are baptized for them, they then have the choice in heaven to accept or deny it still. This piece is pictures of my closest relatives who have passed away who I had not done baptism's for. I scanned the photos, added a scripture, they translucent in the background, and made it look like water had been washing away on it, symbolizing the immersion of water. I can now say that one of those people on the art piece, my Grandma Neill, has been baptized in the temple by me two weeks after this piece was done. It was incredible.
3. This next one is my favorite! I just finished it, and it is from a picture of my cousin Jason's wedding of me and my cousins, who I am closest too. They are like my brothers, and nothing could be physically compared to the love I have for them. I wanted to focus on when we pass away, our bodies stay here, while our souls and spirits go to heaven to roam free. We can still be with our family for all eternity. I am so much comfort in the fact that my cousins will be in my life forever. We don't have faces because that symbolizes what we leave behind, and what is least important. Each color orb in the background stands for one of us (pink = me, purple = mckay, red = taylor, orange = tanner). Those represent our spirits, and how we will always be together. Such a great thought!
4. These next two are done by photo transfer techniques. The first one with the keys is to symbolize the young women value of individual worth. It is like I say for Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine. We are all like keys, we have a different shape that is unique to us, and we all have different doors to unlock and journeys to take. I took this picture in Estes Park. I like the little imperfection in it because we are all not perfect. The second piece is done to symbolize divine nature. We all have talents that are important and unique to us. I did this piece right after I received a gold for board breaking in state for Taekwondo. I used the board I broke with my head to transfer a picture of me onto. The picture was taken by a wonderful CTA mom who does photography for living. I plan to do more pieces on the values.
I have two more peices, one focused around the mutual theme to arise and stand forth, and the second is a drawing I did of the provo temple. Art has helped my testimony so much, and honestly, my sketch book has turned into my diary/ sketch book! Almost summer! WHOOT WHOOT

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer Must Haves

With summer right around the corner I need to gear up to look hotter then the weather. I have so many trips planned, and no job this summer. That is fine with me. I honestly want to make this an amazing summer and travel, then buckle down next summer. Since I won't have to wear a yucky work uniform, I can dress cute every day! Here are some wants I need to get soon! 1. I need to make a new everyday wear hemp necklace. I went hemp crazy a few summers ago, and made SO MANY! way to many actually. So I am making just one or two new ones for the year.
2. I want a cute summer purse/daypack kind of thing. I don't know its exact name, but its soo cute!
3. I needed a new pair of sunglasses, and of course they had to be pink! My mom surprised me with a neon pink pair, so it is all good on that level. 4. I also need a wrist full of bracelets to create that ugly tan line. Jk on the tan line part. lol. Guess what, I accomplished this already too, minus I want to make a hemp bracelet. I have a YUDA bracelet, all the money from those goes to help children get schooling. I also have my Day of Silence bracelet I made, along with my Shimmer, Sparkle Shine bracelet. The last bracelet I have is the most important, and is my bff charm bracelet I have with Bru Haha. I guess this one is almost complete, I just want a wrist full of meaning. 5. I also want a pair of gladiator sandles, like just not the ones with design on the top of my foot, but a pair that wraps around my ankle too.
6. I want a new pair of peacock of feather earrings. I don't know what I want exactly, but I want it summer like. 7. This isn't really for me, but kinda. Since I will have my little white and pink princess this summer to walk around, I need to get her a pink bling leash so she can walk in style, and so I walk her in style. :P 8. I also need a new wallet for summer. I still love kid wallets, but it can't fit all my discount cards, money, and change. I need a bigger, longer adult one. I mean I will be gone ALOT this summer, and I can't loose my money like I seem to do. I want it pink and sparkly!! 9. I need a BYU shirt to wear this summer, not so much for a fashion statement, but more for a motavation to fill out scholarships this summer, and collage applications. 10. The biggest fashion tool I need is my friends and family. I want to make this such an amazing summer to last! I have no doubt that my friends and family won't be by my side. Make your summer want list! Keep Calm and Tan On, Ciara


I am happy to say that I got accepted to attend Girls State this summer. I love government, and being involved in my community. I have always been that way. When my mom was in high school she attended Girls State and she always tells me how great it was. I knew I wanted to do it as well, so I asked around, and I get to go this summer as well! I am excited. I just finished taking my ACT yesterday, and I am glad I got it out of the way. It wasn't that hard, and nothing to fret about fo sho. Collage here I come!! I have the summer blues, but I have to endure until school ends. Thats all folks! Ciara

Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh my memories (3/3)

Today was an incredible day. It was the National Day of Silence! What is the Day of Silence you may ask? The Day of Silence is a student-led national event that brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools. Students from middle school to college take a vow of silence in an effort to encourage schools and classmates to address the problem of anti-LGBT behavior by illustrating the silencing effect of bullying and harassment on LGBT students and those perceived to be LGBT. I knew I had to do this in style! and with a bang!! I didn't think in advance to buy a shirt, so with help of Uncle Byron I made one.
Then I made 25 bracelets to pass out to students, so that they could show their support, even if they were not being silent. Uncle Byron was kind enough to make even more when I was sleeping, so I had 64 total. They were simple, just one rainbow bead, but it was amazing, and all 64 were given away!
Then I of course took pictures along the silence!
Let me tell you, being silent is not easy! I wanted to talk so much!! What if I couldn't love who I wanted to love? And my voice was never heard again? I may be a proud steadfast Mormon, but I am also a believe that God loves everyone. I don't want to go in detail about my opinions, because that could offend some. All in all it is private too. Sometimes, you are the loudest when you are silent. People will notice ME more if I am not talking, because that is unusual. I know for sure that I effected someone. Thank you to everyone who wore a bracelet today. One day everyone will think like us! My day was finished nicely with a Mammoth game! Tomorrow is ACT study time at Marissa's house with pj pants, and out favorite blankies. I can't believe ACT is Tuesday! I can remember watching Freaky Friday when I was younger, and wondering what is the big deal about this ACT! It is close to summer! I can feel it in the air, and I wan't to be done with school, not just for the year either. I want to be getting my diploma, but then again, I wouldn't trade these moments for any time travel in the world. I just need to stay focused and...
'nuff said Ciara

Oh my memories (2/3)

Once upon time there was a magical princess on Leonard Lane who had been looking forward to prom for such a long time..... Yeah I went to prom! Yes it was amazing! Sometimes things do not go as planned, AT ALL! but it works out with the best mind set. My dress did not get done in time for prom, so I had to wear a backup. The problem was that this backup had no sleeves, and I had to cover up to wear. I felt uncomfortable in those standards, but I still had a great time. Here is myself with my group before dinner.
Abby joined us for dinner at the Spaghetti Factory where we had a blast!!! The food was good, and most of many memories were made. Best part of all, getting a free cup with our Italian cream soda. jk on that being the best
Then there was prom!! It was so much fun to see everyone let loose and look so beautiful. If I don't say so myself, my dancing was incredible, with cred to Abby. haha
After prom was held at the Thornton Rec Center. There was the pool, and games, and fun stuff! Marissa and Ashley joined us! Let me tell you, Apples to Apples is like the best game ever with your closest friends, and yes, marissa's priceless humor had her win. The green card was "touchy-feely" and she put "Helen Keller". So great!
We weren't lame like everyone else..we stayed up even later and had breakfast at Village Inn! The fun never stops with us! My friends were sick of pictures at this point, but they will be grateful later on in
"The party don't start till I come in!" haha..almost done here Keep Calm and Love yourself! Ciara

Oh my memories (1/3)

This needs to be broken down to three here is part 1.
Last week was spirit week for prom! Some of the days were kinda iffy, but I still had fun with it!!
Monday was space day, so I just wore a star trek shirt. No pictures. Sorry
Tuesday was hillbilly day.
Then wednesday was supposed to be mock your rivel day..but they changed it to my personal favorite..nerd day!!

Thursday was famous couples day. We all went back and forth on a few good ideas. Cassie was sweet enough to be Hello Kitty while I was her sister MiMi.
Friday was of course school spirit day! This year there were some lovely juniors who offered to make shirts for us all. There was a bunch of us who gave them shirts, and we looked like a 13OSS!!!!! Marissa, Leandra, and I had to spice it up with Thornton Spirit Hand Prints all over us. There was a pep assembly..and mammoth came!
Then there was prom..... Keep Calm and Carry On Ciara