Thursday, June 30, 2011

Perks of a Job.

You see I am lived in Northglenn my whole life. I went to pre-school at the rec, then day care at the rec during the summer, then club 22, then I joined Northglenn Youth Commission (im still on it, now im the VP), and now I got a job there this summer. I love my city and growing up there. I am gone to the 4rth of July Festival there every year, and last year I spoke with the mayor. I get to do that again this year. Anyways, on to my point I have to work in the morning. But I feel so special because I get the free Boy Scout Breakfast I pay for normally every year, and all kinds of perks like parking. Yeah cool right..Only to me. lol

Now im also super exicted for my bedroom being done. Its going to have a new york city loft vibe. I am going to have a futon, and the color scheme is white,black, and light pink. I get a vanity and everything. It is also so cool because my mom is making mostly everything. Ill talk about it more later but she has her own holiday/craft blog of things she has made for my room. Here are my favorites;

You see I have alot of jewerly, and I love vintage necklaces, or even long ones. So my mom turned a picture frame into a holder. It is so cool.

Heres a link on how to make it;

My mom also made me a sick bracelet holder out of a coffee mug rack I think. Heres what it looked like finshed along with the link.

She had made me tons of lamps out of old crappy ones and they have turned out amazing. Here is a link of my favorite one she made.

Check out her blog anytime. Its really good. Her blog is called Confessions of a Holiday Junkie. Pretty cool. SO yeah. Summer 2011 is awesome.
Keep Calm And Carry On,

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

That Feeling of Looken Good

I swear one of my favorite things to do is to get ready to music and have as long as I need. This happens all the time during summer. Not so much during the school year. This summer I have picked up new beauty habits and favorite products. Now, I have bad allergies and most perfumes set me off, but the Pink Line at Victoria Secret doesn't and they smell awesome. I also got my favorite lotion from there that I use everyday. The scent I would most recommend is Soft and Dreamy.
I also own Pretty & Pure along with Sunny & Happy. All great scents. I also been putting face moisturizer on. Its great, let me tell you. Thats all for now.

Good Summer So Far.

Man. Have I enjoyed the time off from school. I'm telling you every time I do a tiny bit of summer homework I get so bummed out. It gives me like school anxiety. lol I don't want to start this off on a bad note with something like school. So what I have done this summer? Spent Time Getting Mislead, Working, and Concert Bumping. Now spending time getting mislead was the best. Me and my buddy Kurtis went to see Rock of Ages (Great but Awkward) then got lost on the way home from downtown. Well I say lost, he says mislead. Tomatoe, Tomato, same thing. Long story short we wanted pie, but got lost on the way there, and got cheesecake instead. It was an amazing night. Now onto the working part. I work at Webster Lake at the Peddel Boats. Its a fun job, I love seeing the Kids. This leads me to Kurtis again.. He is also my coworker, and my president, and he has lots of titles. Here is a picture of us working together.
Now unto the concert part. I love concerts. I have been to plenty in my lifetime. I have been to concerts from Hilary Duff (TWICE)to Kelly Clarkson to 3oh!3 to All Time Low to Lady GaGa. Now.. I spent like a crap load of money on tickets to see.. Ke$ha. Im excited to pour some glitter and make it rain. jk. But in the meantime by awesmome YW leader told me about my favorite band coming into town like 4 days before they were playing. You see, she was the one who told me about them. I ended up going, and their name is He is We. They are so amazing, let me tell you. They have such happy music. My favorite is All About Us. I plan on having it be my first dance with my husband one day. Heres a link to it;

Love it, so yeah. My summer has been all that I want it to be. Memorable, Fun, and most of all Relaxing.