Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Life/ Bucket List for School Year 2011- 2012

Things are going great! I love all my teachers! They have such great personalities so far at least. I love the new friends I have made, as well as the good old ones I have kept. I love my seminary, and I loves newspaper! I love it all!! So great, so happy. I even has some great opportunities in store for summer 2012. Long time away, but im going places!! I am just so happy, plus Ke$ha is in like 2 days!! and Marissa gets her license tomorrow!!!! Good stuff. I have learned I dress well too acording to some people from school. I love hearing this!!! so this little blogger wanted to give you an update. so here are my Bucket List for School Year 2011- 2012;
1. go on a date with a new boy
2. letter in academics!
3. win a place in a speech and debate tournament
4. Get a special opportunity for Summer 2012
5. Learn what collages I want to go to for sure
6. Get at least a high B in science
7. Get my permit
8. Earn my honor bee for church
9. meet a new life long friend
10. get my stake presidents seminary award.

Wow...all of these require lots of work, but I have the mental cappacity to do so. I know it. Here is a picture of me before I head out, this is in honor of one of my best friends who is 16 as of Sept.1!! Love you marissa!
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

1st Week

I have made it through my first week of school ALIVE! It was good and I love my teachers I have. My friends are great, even the new ones im meeting. Newspaper has me so excited because I have my own column. Ill wait and save you the details... Homework load has been loaded, but hey nothing I can do about it, its just IB. This blog post is about some amazing photography I have seen on the blog Arrow and Apple. The photographer does wedding and engagement photos. They are so cute! Here are my favorites!

Love You All!
Keep Calm and Carry On

Monday, August 22, 2011


Today was the first day of school, it went well and I loved all my classes. I am determined to do great this year! I am fo sho! and today I had a killer outfit to start off the confidence, because that is key. My parents always told me that how you start out in High School is not how you end. That is for sure. Just from my first day of school pictures from freshman year till this year is amazing. This is me freshman year; loud, very colorful, and diverse.

Then comes sophomore year, aka a bad year. I was still outgoing, but really girl but comfortable vibe. Bad hair too. lol

Then this year, more calm and medicated.LOL. more about pleasing myself and making myself proud instead of others, with a more vintage girly vibe. Love it!

This year I am making better friends while sticking it with the old good friends. I am gonna make Junior Year my year. SO FRESH SO CLEAN WE ARE THE CLASS OF 2013!
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

7 Things

Man I have been coming across some AWESOME blogs today. I will keep you posted. I found this survey I want to do for today. :)

7 Places I Would Like to Visit:
* Tokyo
* New York!
* Paris
* England
* Hawaii
* South Africa
* Washington DC

7 Things I Would Like to Make:
* My Bird Halloween Costume
* More Hair Bows
* An Own Stuff Animal :)
* things for my own wedding when it comes time
* Children Book Series
* A Nail Design
* A Name For Myself

7 People I'd Like to Meet (Dead or Alive):
* Hilary Duff because she was my childhood star who I still love.
* Sarah Palin because of her love for America.
* CoCo Channel because she could make such awesome clothes.
* Micheal Jackson to hear the truth behind the gossip.
* Zoey Dasheual (Cant spell that) she is such an amazing actress
* Lady GaGa because she is different.
* Tim Russert because he is what I want to do when I am older.

7 Things I Would Like to Own:
* A Drivers License
* Real Cameo
* Walk In Closet
* An IPAD of course
* A Drawing Desk for my Art
* Ikea
* More Make-Up

7 Things That Annoy Me:
* Players or Hoes
* Druggies
* Cotton Balls
* Having To Walk Up the Stairs 451 times because my mom always forgets something for me to bring up or down.
* Current Congress
* People who hate Sarah Palin
* Homophobes

7 Films I Love:
* Legally Blonde
* Remember Me
* Burlesque
* UP
* 500 Days of Summer
* Twlight
* Aristocrats

7 Funny Words:
* Zha Zha Gabore
* Frugile
* snicker doodle
* shnukumpus
* conscience
* caddole
* annole

That was fun, now the craft I cant wait to make thanks to A Beautiful Mess. It is an owl costume, so what I am doing!!

Here are the instructions;
Materials Needed:
Pillow Case
Multiple Textured, Colored and Patterned Fabrics (Scraps work great for this project!)
Push Pins
Hot Glue Gun or Sewing Machine
Ribbon or Edge Tape

Step 1. Lay your pillowcase on a flat surface. The opening will be the bottom of your dress, so you'll need to cut out a hole on the opposite end for your head and two arm holes on either side of the pillowcase. Hold up against your body to spot where your holes should be and what size.

Step 2. Using your scissors and all your fabrics, cut out fist-sized half-ovals( each oval was created from squares that measured 3x4", then I rounded two of the corners). My dress called for about 45 of these half-ovals. If you're purchasing fabric, you'll need at least one yard. These will act as your owl's feathers.

Step 3. Beginning at the bottom of your pillowcase, lay fabric feathers along side one-another, making sure they cover the edge of your pillow case. The straight edge of your feathers should be at the top of your row. Pin straight edge into place. Make sure you alternate your fabrics for a whimsical, charming look.

Step 4. Once you've completed pinning your bottom row, sew or use hot glue to attach the straight edge of your feathers to the pillow case. Moving onto the next row, make sure to stagger your fabrics, so they cover all seams you created on the line before. Repeat this step until you've reached the top of your pillow case.

Step 5. Trim any excess fabrics that might be overhanging in the neck or arm areas. Now, taking your edging tape or ribbon, edge the neck and arm holes so that they cover all loose fabrics and give the entire costume a polished look!

By adding fun eye shadow, a few feathers, and messy nest-like side bun, the outfit is complete! I am so excited to wear it out (maybe even after Halloween). Go enjoy making your own animal costumes, each one will be so unique! Hope you all have a super cute Halloween!! xxoo Chelsea

PS. the official Tricks and Treats Schedule (for days 1-6) is right here. We're still confirming a few guests for the second week, but you can see who's lined up for this week now! XO. Huge thank you*s to Chelsea for kicking off this fun 12 day project with her gorgeous Lady Bird Owl Halloween costume! XO.

Heres is the link to that!

Keep Calm and Carry On,

Friday, August 19, 2011


You see my mom scrapbooks ALOT. We have a whole Ciara collection, then a family one. Personally, I always learn something from the family ones because I don't look at them often, and was too young for some of the memories. I have this feeling sometimes that I have no family, and tonight was one of those nights. I read through 10+ scrapbooks, and saw my Grandpa Roger, my Grandma Butt, my Grandma Neill, my Nana,and my Grandma Barb all apart of my life. Some I had the privilege to have around in my life more then others. For a momment I would like to talk about each relative who has passed away and what they mean to me, some may have pictures, but I cant find my camera to take some of people in the scrapbooks, so Ill do the best I can.
First, my Grandma Butt. You are probally laughing at the name. It was a joke my grandpa made, but has stuck ever since. She had a long battle in Hospice and past away December 31, 1999, right before the New Millennium. I have memories of making things for her in preschool, and bringing her cookies with grandpa. As I look through the albums I think if she were around now, we would have good laughs, and seemed like such a fun person. I was only 4 when she passed away. This is a photo of my grandma butt holding my mom as a baby. Can you see the family line?
Next is my Nana. She was my moms step grandmother. I could remember her painting ceramics with me, and always having old fashioned things, that I would now probally find cool. No picture to post, but I miss her too.
Now is my Grandma Neill, my dads mom. This was another not so great death, but I was in Middle School, it was the first death I had been really old enough to experience. She would cook me my favorite Mozzerlla Cheesse and Chocolate Peanute Butter Quesidillas. Weird, I know. She cooked weird, but I miss her presence, because honestly I am not going to lie, I feel like the whole Neill side of my family has changed since her death. Christmas Eves are spend apart rather then together, and her spirit is what kept the Neill family going. Kind of blurry photo, but it came from my Dads facebook.
Now is I think one of the two most impactful people in my life, my Grandma Roger. This is what gets me emotional. Everyone says that I was the one who changed him, and made him a good man. I was everything to him. He had his mean moments, but inside he was a lovable funny guy. He took me to the coffee shop every morning, gave me pie for breakfast, and gave me endless one dollar bills to play the claw machine. The list of memories goes on, but what I cherish most is the time he lived with us. He was to me like mighty mouse was to him. He is often my hero, and someone who I will forever miss.
Now is my Grandma Barb, this is hard to talk about still because she passed away a death that I had to watch this past June. She wasn't my blood Grandmother, but she surely acted the part. She was always so fun and accepting, and there isn't a day I don't think about her. I miss her Banana Bread Oatmeal made with "love".
The most securing thought about all this is the thought that one day I can hug all these people again, and tell them how much they mean to me, I know that I will see them.
Throughout the scrapbooks were people constant in my life. First was my Uncle Byron. He is my dad, friend, and uncle all in one. He lets me do things that mommy wouldn't and would drop anything for me if needed. I love him soo much and I don't think any Uncle could be as great as him.
Aunt Tammy, this women may be crazy sometimes but I still love her to death. She makes me laugh, smile, and even roll my eyes at every restraunt. I miss the days in the trailer park baking pre-packed cookies, and I will never give up the nights playing late night Bingo with her. She is one in a million!!
These people have always been there, but the past 6 or so years a few other family members have joined the band wagon, and are people I couldn't imagine life without.
First is Aunt Sandy, she has been here throughout my whole life but since 8th grade is when my connection really grew with her. She is the hippest old lady i know :P. She is such an accepting lady, and is always there when you need some love. This picture is special, because this is the first time Aunt Sandy ever saw me.
Now is my 2nd Mom and Sister; Shari and Shaelyn. I would first like to say that Shari is one of the stongest women I have ever met, and is always willing to help others and can see past her own battles. Cancer is an ugly thing, but somewhat a blessing because we really became a family. In this process came Shaelyn. She was the first baby born for me to understand in, and we are only 7 years apart, large but not. I love her like shes my sister, and I would do anything for her like a big sister.

There has even been the whole Nemnich Crew added since Doug came along, to many to name but I love them all so much. By far though, is my cousins; Mckay, Taylor, and Tanner. They mean more to me then they realize. I love them so much and I see them as my brothers, my cousins, and my best friends.

This next one may shock people, but this women has grown on me to no end, she is like family, and I care about her like family. He is one of the hardest working people I know, Lesley. She is so great, and such an awesome spirited lady, who I love.
Now I know I have other family, but these people are the people I think about day and night, who I see most often, who I have the chance to say, "I love you to the most." These next three people are the biggest impacts.
Doug, he may be a trouble maker, but a good pick for one. He makes me laugh, scream, and cry, but most of all did I mention Laughing? He does care about me I can tell in his eyes when I am in a time of sadness, he may not be verbel but I can tell. I love hiding the cats mouse back in forth in a game that never ends. I can say, I love my step father.

Now my father, the sperm doner. LOL. This guy is a peice of me I can never get rid of. He loves me so much, and I have an unconditional love for him as well. He may be dumb at times but he is my dad. I cherish every moment with him because I love to feel his butterfly kisses.
Now the best for last. My mother, my mom, my confidant, my wonder twin, my thrifter, my personal shopper, my cook, my taxi cab driver, but most of all my friend. My mom puts up with an abnormal child for sure, and she does it with love. I don't think anyone can be as incredible as her. I love her so much and I can't even begin to describe it here, it is just a love in your heart you can't express in words.
This is MY UNIQUE and CRAZY FAMILY! and the greatest part, is we don't all share the same blood. My family is living proof of how the relationships can grow. Since I am an only child like my mom I think about my family in 10 years or 20 years, who will be my kids aunt and uncle. These people I am about to talk about will be it, I know it.
First is Bruna, she is the greatest person I have ever met, and I am not kidding when I say this. She loves me through all the points I gain, through all my always touches, through my crazy bi-polar life. Yet she still finds a place to always love me. I know that when I am married my kids will be calling her Aunt Bruna because she is my heavenly sister.

This one I cant decide, Aunt or Uncle. He is my sister... Konner, we may not be attached at the hip but he is still my family and will always be someeone I have to have around to be my Byron forever. He makes me laugh till I pee, and we share some the the greatest memories. I thank the day we stopped for Elmo because that is when the sisterhood started, he will be one of my family forever.

This girl has been around forever, Anna. This has taught me about life, and if we can be friends for 13 years, I am sure we have till we die to go. She will be the friends who travels around the world to only sleep on my couch, but thats okay cus I love her.

This may have been a really long post, but that need to share my feelings was needed since I miss the ones who are not here. I am thankful for the family I do have, and all they do. I love you guys! and sorry for the spelling errors its 2 AM.
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School is almost starting...

Sad when school is almost a week away. I am very excited though to try my hardest in school and be who I want. BUTT before I go on my school tantrum, im gonnna recap my Summer Bucket List. I am determined to get everything crossed off!
So the next thing I got done was ; 3. Finish my Room. I still have to organize, but room is painted, new rug, and new BED!! so exciting!!! Ita a creative quiet zone. I love it! Thanks Mommy!
Next is 4. Finish my Summer Homework with an A. It is all done, and ready to be turned in. Looks pretty awesome to me. I wont know the A part till after summer, but hey I finished it a WEEK before started.
6. Spend Time Making Others Happy with Themself. I incorperated this into my CAS for the Shimmer Sparkle Shine Project. I take younger girls out, have their hair done, and have a girls day along with a photoshoot. I did my first girl, she is Michelle. I loved doing this project. Here is a picture of her!
I also crossed of number 7. Spend Time with my Family on a Family Vacation without my cell phone. I went to South Dakota and no celly! You can see those pictures in my previous post.
Number 8. Discover a New Band that I Really Like. I did this by learning about the Summer Set who performed at the We The Kings Concert. So AMAZING!
9. Have a Photo Shoot Day with a Friend. every time with me is a photoshoot, i take pictures all the time.
Last, was 10. Get One New Bracelet with Meaning To Add to My Collection. I got so many new concert bracelets that I love because my concerts held great meaning, and my frienship bracelet with Bruna with the heart gem.

Now all that I have left is.. 1. Go On a Last Minute Night Trip to the Mountains and 5. Pull an All Nighter. I think I might have a "last minute" trip to estas on Saturday..but the all nighter I knew would be the hardest.. Hopefully I can do that.

Since school is right around the corner, end your summer with a bang!! The best way to start school is having no regrets of your summer so you don't waste time thinking of regrets.
Keep Calm and Carry On,

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Finally I got the pics uploaded from my family vacation. This allows me to cross off my Summer Bucket List that I went on a family vacation with no celluar device. Heck Yes. These are the highlights of my South Dakota Trip!
First was all the weird little stops we made, from a car display art thing, to a peacock place, to the worlds largest collection of Teddy Bears.

My big thing about vacations, it I LOVE the penny machines. I collect them, and I have a lost if I don't say so myself. I also like to stamp my passport for when I visit the National Parks across the country. I love having something I can collect, try a travel collection of some sort. It feels gratifying.

My family also went to lots of mesuems. Some were random in small towns, and some were the Mammoth Museum, and the Missle Museum. Always fun to learn new things.

I went to S.D. as a kid, as so we visited my favorite memories. Reptile House and Wild Bear Country USA. All are great places, and Wild Bear Country USA is the best, because you drive through and the bears like come right next to your car. The best part was the babby bears at the end, they were so cute!

Now the best for last. Mount Rushmore is just so amazing. Everytime I go there, I cant help but to feel proud of my country. It is just so amazing, and really everyone should be proud to be an American.

Hope that you enjoyed a small scrapbook of my trip. Tomorrow I will post on my blog, over things I have crossed off my bucket list!