Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I have not written all this month! It has been MADNESS! I am being legit right now. I have had lots of homework, so many birthdays to celebrate, and lots of fun! I have been enjoying my senior year. It has been going to smoothly, and without bumps. My classes are so hard, but it has also been rewarding to know that I can accomplish the demanding hours the homework wants. Now on the other hand, extended essay is such a drag! It just makes me want to kill it.

On the brighter side, I have celebrated Leandra's birthday and Bruna's. For Leandra I got her a smash book because I wanted to make sure she recorded her amazing trip to Japan! For Bruna I got her some priceless gifts, and I enjoyed her homecoming with her at Mountain Range. Since I am not going to my homecoming, it was nice to get dressed up! 

I also got my group senior pictures taken by up and coming photographer cousin, Kaci (that is a mouthful). We enjoyed getting pictures done to document the amazing friendships we have built, and these are a sneak peak at the ones she edited for facebook. More to come! 

Just remember that life throws AMAZING people in your life, but it is your job to notice them and befriend them. I know that God wanted me to go to Thornton High School for a reason. I wanted to go else where, but thank goodness I didn't. I wouldn't have met these people any where else but the home of the Trojans.
Don't test fate, test if fate is testing you!
Keep Calm and Carry On!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Weekend

It has been interesting to say the least, but a good interesting. I just first wanted to share a semi personal moment I had today. As some may know i am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My Uncle Doug, a man I look up to so much, was called into the Bishop-brick today. (I doubt I am spelling that right) It is such an honor to be in such a leadership role for the church, not only do you grow within yourself and the church but others grow off of you and your example. There is no better example then my Uncle Doug. He has the best sense of humor, biggest heart, and ginormous testimony of the gospel.
During this cry fest already, President Johnson brought up to 2 out of my 3 cousins that it is time to start getting their missionary stuff ready. THEN IT HIT ME SO HARD! My cousins will be leaving next summer for two years. Then about a year later Mckay will be leaving. Then I started hard core crying it was because I had the past 10 years rewind and play in my head so fast. All the family parties, birthdays, holidays, and church fun. I am pretty much an only child, and they are my brothers to me. They love me for me, because they have seen the person I have became over the years, and they still love me, but more importantly I saw who they became, and how much they touched my life. I know that when the time comes, they will be great missionaries and share so much love with everyone.

My Cousins and My Uncle Doug. My love for them is something only a close family will ever understand.

NOW onto the other part of my weekend. It was Marissa's Birthday! I have been so siked for her birthday for such a long time. We started the day by water tubing in Golden, then gifts, then dinner, then a movie, then cake and ice cream, then random adventures. I felt like we crammed 4 days of stuff in 10 hours. LOL Ashley and I got Marissa a llama. Yes it is real, and lives in Washington. Needless to say Marissa loved it. I also has been working hard to design a friendship bracelet that she would like that wasnt too girly. So i had brown and yellow pair made with an acronym of meaning, representing the plan of going on the next chapter of our lives together at UW. Enough of that. Photo Time!

Could you tell she was so happy when she got her llama?!

Our Friendship Bracelets 

Cupcake gang 4 lyf
Love these gurls

The Gang of the Day

My best friend. We are totally different people, but that good because I couldn't handle me! lol. But I love her and I can't wait to see what this year brings us! Yellow to my Black!

Keep Calm and Carry on! 

Senior Pictures

I received my senior pictures today and I am in love! My photographer did such a great job photographing myself, along with Bruna in many different poses, but most of all she accomplished the most important part. She captured our true personalities shining through, and a few pictures of what our personality brings together; love, laughter, friendship. I wanted to go with a whimsical thing, and I love it!  If you are still in need of a photographer for Senior Pictures, or for any occasion, you should try mine; Millie Lewis Photography

I love these so much, and it makes me excited that these are the photos I will be using to remember who I was in High school. It makes me laugh to think that my kids will be like, "Mom! what were you thinking! OMG your hair!" Good things to look forward to there. 
I still have a friend photo shoot with my school gang, and then one with the cousins. 

Ciara Ann