Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I am the cliche fish..

I am happy to report that I am finally starting to make some more friends. It isn't to how I would want it, or similar to how I felt during high school but it is something.
I mean I started out in High School not knowing anyone, but as far as I remember I made friends so fast. Then again, that was four years ago and I am getting old now, so my memory could be groggy. Totally just kidding.
All those cliche sayings about being thrown into the real world, for example the most overused, "I feel like a little fish in a big sea" is the best way to describe this. I can see why it is overused now, since everyone experiences this at one time or another. Luckily, I found my self in High School, so I don't need to do self exploration with different groups of people. I know the kind of people I mix best with, and I know when something/someone isn't helping me be who I want. That does give me an advantage when trying to find the right current of the sea to swim in.
Joining clubs is a nice way for this, because you find people with similar interest (yes I am sure you have heard this a thousand times). The biggest thing, is being kind to everyone. Talk to the people you sit with in class, offer to go out of your way to help them. People do not do this anymore. Service only happens when they need service hours for some club, or when it doesn't throw them out of their normal routine. Therefore, when you make the extra effort, it matters. Don't follow my advice if you don't mean what you are saying or if you are not doing sincerely. I have been told growing up that I am good at being there for others, so I guess I need to do what I do best, and I will continue to make friends and gravitate towards the new people I want to be around.

Maybe I am subconsciously trying to find duplicates of my friends at home... I hope I am not, because I might be wasting my time. I won't find anyone like them, but I can try to find people with the same values and attitudes towards life.
I won't find anyone as honest and hardworking as Bruna or funny and dependable as Konner. Probably won't find a friend as #thirsty as Zach, or fun-going as Marissa. Won't find another Mexican Mafia (honestly.... there are barely any here....LOL) or another Leandra to take all my jokes. I won't find another laid back person like Ashley, or find someone with as much history as Anna and I.
I can try to find those who are not like those at home, in hopes that I might be someone they have never met before. I mean, who likes repetition? Not me. Well I do...... but only for household stuff, LOL
Besides that, you get what I am saying. I couldn't think of a better way to end than with my favorite quote from my favorite book/movie;
“So, I guess we are who we are for alot of reasons. And maybe we'll never know most of them. But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.”

With Love,
Ciara Ann

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Don't miss the barking but I miss....

I am missing my little animals right now! I couldn't think of a blogging topic so I did a google search and one idea was to talk about your pets. I think it is a good one, so here I go.
I have 3 doggies and one kitty cat. You see, the 3 dogs together can cause havoc sometimes, well most of the time. They all have very distinctive personalities, but they share one common bond; BARKING AND WHINING ALL THE TIME BY THE WINDOW. I guess you could assume I don't miss that aspect ;)
Let me introduce you to my pets, and I'll start off with the dogs.

Couldn't find a good one of
Faith, but this
First off, there is Faith. After some unfortunate circumstances we adopted her when I was in 5th grade. Unfortunately she has developed an anxiety disorder from her past, but she is just a loving beast. Don't let her timidness deceive you. She wears the pants, and all the dogs know it. She is a typical women, very controlling. She is so fluffy and so adorable. She likes to give you her paw when she is comfortable with you. She also enjoys burying her head in your lap, causing awkward and uncomfortable situations at times.

Now on to Hoover..... This dog is the most pampered dog on the planet. We adopted him after our other Basset, Kirby, past away. We wanted to keep to the vacuum cleaner theme, so Hoover was the name! Anyways, when we adopted him his bio said, "not good for apartment, can be very noisy at times." YEAH NO KIDDING. He is a whiner, and you would think he would give up, but no he doesn't..EVER. If he wants on the bed, but you are someone else is in the way, he will sit there and whine until you adjust to him. This goes for anything. If he wants to go outside, he will whine by the stairs until we go up to open the back door. Oh, if you barely shift your feet or any part of your body when he is sleeping, expect a growl. He is my little princess, but hes chubby body and stubby legs make it worth it.

Then there is Juno. She is the little doggy that I always dreamed about as a little girl. I wanted a small dog that I could dress up, but my parents were awful and just got big dogs that couldn't fit in my purse ;) My mom found Juno running around on Washington (major intersection at home). My mom tried "so hard" to find her home, but after "much" effort we just had to keep her. She is a little cuddle bug, and full of energy. I think she keeps Hoover and Faith young. She is kind of Uncle Byron's now since he moved in. He spoils her rotton. She is just too darn cute to resist.

Now to my favorite, Chairmen Meow, the cat formally known as Dublin. I saw this poster that was a duplicate of one of Chairmen Mao. If you know my sense of humor, this was the best thing to happen to my life, so I renamed my cat right then and there. We adopted her after my childhood cat passed away, Velcro. Velcro was "my" cat that I got for my first birthday, but really it was my mom's cat. The cat stuck to her like....Velcro. After it kicked the bucket, she wanted a new cat that would be just hers. Well, life never goes how we want it, because this cat was glued to me from the moment we took it home. It hated everyone in my household, well scratch that, it hated everyone in the entire world but me. I think it's karma. For the most part she only gets cuddly with me. Every time I cry she comes and lays her paw on my hand, and man I just miss Chairmen Meow so much. I have no doubts that she is making sure she gets an equal share of attention while I am gone. She has grown to be a little more friendly without me, but I miss chairmen meow!
Chairmen Meow
Obey the Kitty!
With Love,
Ciara Ann

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Making and Creating

It has now been over a month since I have been on my own in Idaho, and I am experiencing mixed emotions. There are some things that I love about college and Rexburg! I love my roommates, I love spending more time with Monique, I love how everyday is like a weekend (I promise I am still doing all my school work), I love the independence (like getting my first pair of heels), and I love the weather here!

There are also the things that I miss like crazy; my family, my friends, Target, my Aunt Tammy, a big city, clubbing (LOL), and how my basement was a Micheals.
Seriously though, for the most part, whenever I wanted to craft we had anything I could want. This included paint, spray paint, stickers, the crickut, misc weird things, and so many other things that I can't even think of at this moment. When I want to craft I have to think about it now, and think of what supplies I do or do not have. I actually have to plan out crafting, and go buy the stuff and then finally make it.
We all know, Ciara loves things to be immediate. Needless to say, I am not a fan of not be able to walk down to my basement and get started.
Feeling kinda down, I just really wanted to craft. I wanted to make something to hang over our arch way in the kitchen into the living room, but other then that I didn't really want anything for me so I made a few goodies to be advent Christmas gifts for later. I just got a wood sign, and modge podged the paper on, then made my own stencil (helping me save a couple bucks) and put my favorite quote by Salvador Dali on it. "Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings." Here is the kicker, I had to buy the hook that I screw in the back, so I can hang it up with string. I screwed it in there all by myself! Pretty proud.

A few days prior my Mom sent me some basic Halloween/Fall goodies to decorate with. She sent me some fake leaves, so I thought it would be cute to make some garland with them!

I felt like coloring so I made letters that said Fall for over the TV.

We have a joke in my family where we hide plastic/fake mice and rats around the house because they are my biggest fear. Well, my family couldn't stop this tradition, so they sent plastic/fake rubber rats. They stuck right to the TV without tape or anything, so we made a rat-tastic border on the TV.

I also worked on my smash book, and Monique came to hang out with me to watch over me. I am so grateful that she is here. We decided last minute to go to the dance going on, so I did our hair, put on my heels, and went. It was great.

For now, I just need to keep taking this one day at a time. Maybe follow my own advice to Keep Calm and Carry On. My life didn't stop after High School, it just branched out to Idaho. I just have to remember that.
With Love,
Ciara Ann

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Click of a Button

It felt SOO GOOD to be behind my camera again! It has been a while, like since before I came to Idaho! I mean I have taken a few shots here or there, but not any sort of photoshoot. Having a mini shoot this weekend was pretty great! I am just so excited to be in my photography club at BYUI. I feel like it will make me do something I love, and I will have another community of people who love what I do. Anyways, without further ado, these are my favorites;

With Love,
Ciara Ann

"Hey guys, you want to go to Utah?"

My closest friends know that I love to plan everything, but nothing makes me happier than a last minute adventure. My mood goes from 0 to 1000000 in a matter of 2 seconds. This leads to the question, How did I end up in Utah?
I got home from class at 5:30, and two of my roommies were talking. Next thing I know, our bags were packed and we were on our way to Utah an hour later. It was general conference weekend, so out of all weekends this would be the time to go. We could have had tickets to watch conference in the conference center, but from our choice being so last minute we didn't have that option anymore. LOL
Here is how this went. Friday we got to my roommate's, Breanna, grandparents house. Saturday we woke up, watched the first session of conference. After that we got ready to head down to Temple Square to watch the second session of conference in the Joseph Smith Building.
You see, Rexburg is what you would consider a small town. Being in a city again felt so GOOD! I took full advantage of this, except none of my roommates were down for clubbing.....hahaha We the spent the rest of the night shopping at the mall, hanging around Temple Square, then dinner at my FAVORITE PLACE.
So the shopping was nice. I got a cute dress and coat from Forever 21. I got to take some portraits around temple square with my roommates who went on this adventure. Mhmm.. my mouth is slobbering typing about this; we ate at Cafe Rio. Seriously guys, so good. I got most of my hw done between the sessions of conference today. After dinner we plan on heading back to Rexburg, so I can start another week. Plus I get to see my Aunt and Cousin next weekend, and I am SOOO excited.
With Love,
Ciara Ann

P.S. The feelings of telling your Mom, "I am in Utah right now for the weekend" is such an awesome feeling. Why? you are an adult now. She can't stop you ;) hahahahahaha

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rexburg Classic

So far, my favorite thing that the shops in Rexburg have to offer is the CoCo Bean Cupcake Bakery. We all know how much I love my cupcakes! Some gourmet cupcake shops are highly overrated, but this one is not! I have tried four different kinds so far, and before I graduate I will have tried every single flavor.
The tradition has so far been that Monique and I go together, get two different cupcakes and split them in half. Seriously so good! Whenever I have family come visit me I am taking them there.
The one I can't wait to try is their orange dreamsicle cupcake. They also had ice-cream that is made with their cake and stuff, and I tried a sample and it was GOOD! I am going to try their ice-cream one day too!
In case you are ever in the Provo area, they have one there too!
With Love,
Ciara Ann