Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I can now check off finishing my first year of college! I thought I would do an update as I wait for my dad to get his work done for the day before I go out. The last month went by pretty quick. It was filled with studying and hanging out with friends. Those two friends, know who they are, and they honestly made me love Rexburg. If you go about it the right way, you can meet some amazing people. 
When my car was packed up, and I did my last look at my apartment building I actually started to cry. NEVER IN A MILLION years would I have thought I would be crying when I left Rexburg for the summer. The rough start at first is normal, as I learned that a lot of my high school friends struggled at first too. Just as life goes, it takes time to make friends and find our niche. I think we sometimes forget that stage of a new start, I know I did. 
Another thing about your first year, you will most likely change your major. I thought everyone was crazy and I was set on not changing mine. I think Freshman being likely to change their major isn't even rooted from not knowing what they want to do, but rather rooted from not knowing the options their college provides. College websites are confusing, so knowing the options you have is limited until you get there. That was the case for me. As you are probably assuming, I changed my major. It went from Social Studies Secondary Education w/ an American Government emphasis composite to Political Government with an American Government emphasis with two clusters (clusters are like minors) in American History and Creative Writing. What led me to this is the fact that I don't want to end up teaching, and I would rather take more classes that feed into my interest rather than the mandatory teaching classes. Plus I know how to write a mean paper, but I can still learn a lot about creative writing for my children's books. Theres that.
Now I am enjoying my little vacation in California visiting my dad. When I get back I go back to the so called "adult reality" and begin work again. 
I learned a lot about who I am as an independent person this year and I am interested to see how that directs the course I take this summer. My best friend showed me this song, and I have a strong feeling that this will be my song of the summer. There is always one or two songs every summer where every time I hear it in the future, I flashback to that time period. This will for sure be one of them.
With Love,
Ciara Ann 

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