Saturday, March 8, 2014

One year old, another year wiser

Last Saturday was my 19th birthday! It was weird not being home, but I had some friends come to me! That was a bonus! It was nice having my lovely Marissa and Ashley come and see me! I also got to celebrate my with the friends I've made up here. My roommates took plenty care of me, with some amazing goodies! Only at BYUI do people make fresh bread to make you french toast, along with Samoa Girl Scout cupcakes!

My first year of being an adult didn't disappoint! I lived a little..well a lot. I progressed in my experiences, had some triumphs, along with some defeats. I don't expect my 19th year of living to be any different.
In much bigger news, I only have about a month left of school! It is so weird because these 7 months have gone by super slow AND super fast. It is really hard to describe! I really enjoy college life, and I am kinda sad to be leaving until September. Granted, I am excited to leave some things behind here in Rexburg.
The educators here at BYUI have not been a disappointment. I love my classes so much, and I have learned so much! I am so glad that I ultimately took the career path for being a Government teacher! I had an amazing government teacher in high school, and I want to be remembered for igniting that passion, just as my teacher did. Whether you are going through your first year in college, graduated, or even retired, it is never too late to do what you love in life! Just as my History and Philosophy of education class emphasizes, the process of learning never stops. It is a continual, infinite process. Therefore, it is never too late!
With Love,
Ciara Ann

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