Monday, February 10, 2014

Soul Meets Body: Bohemian

No need to fear, the social experiment is still happening!! We just paused for the weekend and redid our schedule.
  • Tuesday; Preppy
  • Wednesday: Emo
  • Thursday: Scene
  • Friday: Girly

In the mean time, today is bohemian! We must allow ourselves to become one with nature and optimize our free spirits. One must needed item is a versatile vest. I had that one covered. The vest that I am wearing I bought my sophomore year of high school, and I barely wear it because it needs the perfect outfit. I honestly end up wearing it on spirit days in high school, or on days like today.

Bohemian essential? The flower crown! Also, its about the feathers man! Thanks to Uncle Byron I had plenty of feathers to share between simple parachute and I. 

Really want to get into the mood? listen to some Indie music! My favorite band, He is We, fits perfectly into this. 

Tomorrow we deal with the prim and proper and the argyle. 
Its not a choice its a lifestyle..
With love,
Ciara Ann

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