Thursday, February 6, 2014

Soul Meets Body: Hipster

My lovely roommate and I often joke about past fads and trends that we subjected ourselves too growing up. We decided we wanted to do a social/artistic challenge, where for one week we put ourselves into past (and current) fads. We might be looking ridiculous, but hey we don't care. Here is our 7 day break down:

  • Thursday: Hipster
  • Friday: Grunge 
  • Saturday: Scene
  • Sunday: Shabby Chic
  • Monday: Bohemian
  • Tuesday: Preppy
  • Wednesday: Emo

We wanted to get really into this, so we named our experiment "Soul Meets Body" after the Death Cab for Cutie song. Anyways, we had to do our research for this hipster look, so we went to the realest source out made by Wikipedia. hahahaha

So what makes someone a hipster? 
Rock the just getting out of bed look; "you should try to go for a look that makes it look like you didn't spend hours trying to pick the perfect outfit but that you just threw it together at the last minute." They also reccomend graphic t-shirts, t-shirts w/ a message, or even your 7th grade gym uniform shirt.  

HOW CAN WE FORGET THE HIPSTER ATTITUDE? The most important rule about being a hipster, don't ever call yourself a hipster! Also, you must exemplify to its optimum potential, the IDGAF attitude

We even drank tea (herbal tea since we are Mormon) to get into the spirit. Day one was a success. Actual hipsters, don't be offended. This is just for fun. Besides, if this offends you, you aren't a real hipster......Just Sayin. Bethany, a.ka. Simple Parachute, will be documenting our journey on her Tumblr. Tomorrow, we shall find our internal nirvana. 

Being a hipster is a lifestyle choice......
With Love,
Ciara Ann 
(a.k.a. The We and She) 

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